Join our Business Alliance of Small to Medium Businesses who Sell Healthy Living, Sustainable, or Ethical Products.


All parties involved can benefit from this community that offers a truly win-win-win scenario.


  • No risk, potentially high return
  • Consolidated marketing efforts with other businesses
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals for support and knowledge sharing


  • Exclusive offers
  • Curated list of businesses that care about sustainability
  • Access to a wealth of information about healthy living, sustainability, and ethical products


  • Platform to spread the message of healthy living and sustainability, while helping SMBs
  • Consolidated database of a niche audience (with consent)


Good Seed Project is proud to be working with many inspiring businesses from around the world.

From sustainable home decor businesses to natural beauty products to zero-waste stores, and more, each business has an important story to tell, and we are committed to amplifying their messages.

Business Participation Requirements

1. Healthy Living / Sustainable Products: Your products should fall under the umbrella of “healthy living / sustainable products.” While certifications are not mandatory, we expect your business to demonstrate a commitment towards sustainability and creating a positive impact.

2. Provide an Exclusive Offer: To be displayed on the Good Seed Project website for highly qualified customers coming from other business participants. This could be in the form of a discount, BOGO offer, free gift, VIP membership, or any other offers — which can be redeemed through a coupon code or any other preferred means. You would be sent a form to fill out the offer details.

3. Notify Customers: We will inform you of the appropriate timing, and you are required to notify your existing customers (at least 1,000 to start) via email about the Good Seed Project. We can provide you with the copy for the email.

4. Commit to Cross-Promotion: Consider promoting the Good Seed Project further to your customers to benefit all members of the community, including business participants, customers, and the project itself.

Join Our Community

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