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Good seed project is a community platform for parents and small business owners who are navigating healthier and more sustainable ways of living. Doctors, chemists, environmentalists and consultants are invited onto the platform to share their knowledge and best practices.

Brands that pass the curation process will join the platform to share their products and offers with the community.

Our goal is to offer an honest, concise, clean platform to make healthy and sustainable living more accessible.

Our vision is to reward customers with great offers and build a hub of go-to information for all things sustainability

Meet The Team

Sandy Wong


Flame retardants and microplastics are not top of your mind when you are busy fishing cereal bits out of your child’s undershirt or tackling down the little one for a diaper change while other kids are screaming for help. When you finally pause to research about the components of your child’s clothing, you become overwhelmed and shocked –  “Not only do all that exists in their clothings but there’s arsenic in rice?!?” seriously?…that just happens to be the one food that your family eats EVERY SINGLE DAY

The is a true account of Sandy’s experience when she first went down the path of uncovering a healthier and more sustainable way of living for her family. The overwhelm and shock was real. Confusion and frustration are added to the mix because there is mixed information that may or may not be backed by science.

This is the very reason why Good Seed Project was started. It is for busy people who care but don’t have the capacity to adopt it.

Lauren Chervinski

Lauren loves nothing more than pushing her boundaries and exploring the untapped potential of everyday life. After moving to Vancouver, she found a passion for camping, trail running, and staying active – all while exploring Canada’s great outdoors.
Finding inspiration in practicing combat sports – Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MMA, along with her background in nursing – Lauren knows the importance of cherishing our bodies and aims to help others navigate a healthy, toxin-free life. With her energy and vision for a better tomorrow, Lauren is turning her dreams into reality and making a lasting impact on communities around the world.

David Lui

David Lui

David is a digital marketing consultant and business owner. However, he is also a father who is trying to raise two young children with his wife, Jenn, in Vancouver, BC. He grew tired of feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of information on how to live sustainably and wished for a single platform where parents and small business owners could access simple and actionable resources on how to live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.
David is incredibly passionate about making sure that everyone has access to the information and resources necessary to make conscious decisions about leading healthier and more sustainable lifestyles for themselves and for future generations. That is precisely why he is so dedicated to growing, improving, and cultivating the Good Seed Project to become a place for change-makers, innovators, and disruptors.

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